Promoting high
reprocessing standards
Since 1976
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The Federation of Sterilizing Research Advisory Councils of Australia (FSRACA) promotes high standards of practice in the provision of sterilizing and disinfection services.

The National Council works closely with each State Branch and the common goal of maintaining industry standards, professional development and much more.

Throughout the year each of our State Branches run workshops and seminars to keep sterilizing technology practitioners fully informed on the latest developments in technology.

Why Join SRACA?

Stay up to date

The easiest way to keep up with industry updates, changes and events.


Connect with others in your field. Create friendships whilst sharing a common goal and interest.

Get inspired

Grow. Evolve. Ensure you don’t lose sight of what inspired you to enter the health industry.


Enjoy workshops, seminars and conferences to keep sterilizing technology practitioners informed.

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