Medical Devices Forum

Standards Australia

Standards Australia has collaborated with the Medical Technology Association of Australia to facilitate a discussion on international standards in the area of medical devices.

In line with our mission to develop contemporary, internationally‐aligned Standards and our commitment to simplifying our processes (making things Simpler | Faster | Betterfor our stakeholders), we have taken steps to streamline identical (direct text) adoption of international standards.

Standards Australia will now accept and assess proposals for identical adoptions of international standards at any time throughout the year, even outside of our twice yearlyProject Prioritisation Rounds. This only applies to identical adoptions without modifications to the text. Proposals to adopt international standards with modifications will have to go through the Project Prioritisation process.

All proposals will still be assessed against the criteria of net benefit and stakeholder support. Further information may be found on the “Proposing a Project” page on our website.

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