About Us

The professional organization of the Federal Sterilizing Research Advisory Council of Australia Incorporated strives for excellence through education, research, communication and professional representation so that safe patient outcomes and the highest standards are achieved at all times.


The Objectives of the Council are:

1. To promote the sharing of knowledge, research and investigation in the:

a. Principles and practices of sterilization and disinfection
b. Provision of sterile supplies
c. Control of infection and microbiological contamination in health care facilities and community services

2. To represent the professional interest of members of the Council In pursuance of these objectives, the Council may approve or endorse educational programs.

Click here to download our by-laws and click here for our constitution.

Meet our National Committee

President - Elaine Jose
Victoria Barwon Health

Work: 03 4215 2197 elainej@barwonhealth.org.au

Secretary - Donna Stobbie
Health Scope

Work: 03 8804 4215 donna.stobbie@healthscope.com.au

Treasurer - Cindy Shaw
New South Wales RPAH

Work: 02 9515 7304 cynthia.shaw@health.nsw.gov.au

Conference Convenor - Lynne Noring
New South Wales RPAH

Work: 02 9515 8831lynne.noring@health.nsw.gov.au

WHFSS Representative - Teressa Normington

Phone: 08 9725 2103 ric.teressa@bigpond.com

Committee Member - David Nash
Western Australia St Johns of God Hospital

Work: 08 9382 6875 david.nash@sjog.org.au

Committee Member - Margaret Alomes
Tasmania Hobart Private Hospital

Work: 03 6214 3506 marg@jsmmalomes.com.au

Committee Member - Dora Gadaleta
South Australia Port Pirie Regional Health

Work: 08 8638 4553 dora.gadalet@sa.gov.au

Committee Member - Jill Cumberland
Queensland Logan Hospital

Work: 07 3299 8875 jill.cumberland@health.qld.gov.au

Committee Member - Jacque Dorante
Queensland Redcliff Hospital

Work: 07 3883 7282 jacque.dorante@health.qld.gov.au

Committee Member - Renee Pringle
South Australia Asford Hospital

Work: 08 8375 5643 renee.pringle@acha.org.au

Committee Role

The role of the committee is often a thankless one, but also a very rewarding and fulfilling one. It is the acceptance of responsibility for the continued functioning of the group that sets the Committee member apart from the general SRACA member.

On a local level, the committee is responsible for the following

  • Ensuring that all activities of the Council take place in accordance with The Constitution of the Council and that all financial dealings are in accordance with good Accounting practice.
  • Develop and maintain the membership basis of the Council
  • Produce a regular Newsletter for the interest of the members of the Council
  • Planning Educational meetings, Seminars and Conferences
  • Provide Advice to the members on interpretation of matters relating to interpretation of Sterilizing Standards
  • Provide Advice to Governmental Departments on matters of Sterilizing Technology

On a Broader Stage the Committee also plays a role in the following

  • Membership of the Federal Sterilizing Research Advisory Council of Australia (FSRACA).
  • Membership of such groups as Standards Australia Committees for consideration of relevant Standards that may apply to the industry.

You do not have to be a Committee Member to help the Committee perform these roles. Feel free to volunteer to assist in any of the above tasks. Not only will you learn new skills, but you will make new friends. Contact any of the Committee Members to see how you can help.